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A Tracking System For Baseball Game Reconstruction

by   Nina Wiedemann, et al.
NYU college
ETH Zurich

The baseball game is often seen as many contests that are performed between individuals. The duel between the pitcher and the batter, for example, is considered the engine that drives the sport. The pitchers use a variety of strategies to gain competitive advantage against the batter, who does his best to figure out the ball trajectory and react in time for a hit. In this work, we propose a system that captures the movements of the pitcher, the batter, and the ball in a high level of detail, and discuss several ways how this information may be processed to compute interesting statistics. We demonstrate on a large database of videos that our methods achieve comparable results as previous systems, while operating solely on video material. In addition, state-of-the-art AI techniques are incorporated to augment the amount of information that is made available for players, coaches, teams, and fans.


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