A toolbox of Equation-Free functions in Matlabfor efficient system level simulation

by   John Maclean, et al.

The `equation-free toolbox' empowers the computer-assisted analysis of complex, multiscale systems. Its aim is to enable you to immediately use microscopic simulators to perform macro-scale system level tasks and analysis, because micro-scale simulations are often the best available description of a system. The methodology bypasses the derivation of macroscopic evolution equations by computing the micro-scale simulator only over short bursts in time on small patches in space, with bursts and patches well-separated in time and space respectively. We introduce the suite of coded equation-free functions in an accessible way, link to more detailed descriptions, discuss their mathematical support, and introduce a novel and efficient algorithm for Projective Integration. Some facets of toolbox development of equation-free functions are then detailed. Download the toolbox functions (https://github.com/uoa1184615/EquationFreeGit) and use to empower efficient and accurate simulation in a wide range of your science and engineering problems.


A toolbox of Equation-Free functions in Matlab for efficient system level simulation

The `equation-free toolbox' empowers the computer-assisted analysis of c...

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