A Thread-Local Semantics and Efficient Static Analyses for Race Free Programs

09/06/2020 ∙ by Suvam Mukherjee, et al. ∙ 0

Data race free (DRF) programs constitute an important class of concurrent programs. In this paper we provide a framework for designing and proving the correctness of data flow analyses that target this class of programs. These analyses are in the same spirit as the "sync-CFG" analysis proposed in earlier literature. To achieve this, we first propose a novel concrete semantics for DRF programs, called L-DRF, that is thread-local in nature—each thread operates on its own copy of the data state. We show that abstractions of our semantics allow us to reduce the analysis of DRF programs to a sequential analysis. This aids in rapidly porting existing sequential analyses to sound and scalable analyses for DRF programs. Next, we parameterize L-DRF with a partitioning of the program variables into "regions" which are accessed atomically. Abstractions of the region-parameterized semantics yield more precise analyses for "region-race" free concurrent programs. We instantiate these abstractions to devise efficient relational analyses for race free programs, which we have implemented in a prototype tool called RATCOP. On the benchmarks, RATCOP was able to prove up to 65 to 25 concurrent static analyzer, RATCOP was up to 5 orders of magnitude faster.



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