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A Tech Hybrid-Recommendation Engine and Personalized Notification: An integrated tool to assist users through Recommendations (Project ATHENA)

Project ATHENA aims to develop an application to address information overload, primarily focused on Recommendation Systems (RSs) with the personalization and user experience design of a modern system. Two machine learning (ML) algorithms were used: (1) TF-IDF for Content-based filtering (CBF); (2) Classification with Matrix Factorization- Singular Value Decomposition(SVD) applied with Collaborative filtering (CF) and mean (normalization) for prediction accuracy of the CF. Data sampling in academic Research and Development of Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD) e-Library and Project SARAI publications plus simulated data used as training sets to generate a recommendation of items that uses the three RS filtering (CF, CBF, and personalized version of item recommendations). Series of Testing and TAM performed and discussed. Findings allow users to engage in online information and quickly evaluate retrieved items produced by the application. Compatibility-testing (CoT) shows the application is compatible with all major browsers and mobile-friendly. Performance-testing (PT) recommended v-parameter specs and TAM evaluations results indicate strongly associated with overall positive feedback, thoroughly enough to address the information-overload problem as the core of the paper. A modular architecture presented addressing the information overload, primarily focused on RSs with the personalization and design of modern systems. Developers utilized Two ML algorithms and prototyped a simplified version of the architecture. Series of testing (CoT and PT) and evaluations with TAM were performed and discussed. Project ATHENA added a UX feature design of a modern system.


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