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A Taxonomy of Modeling Approaches for Systems-of-Systems Dynamic Architectures: Overview and Prospects

by   Ahmad Mohsin, et al.

Systems-of-Systems (SoS) result from the collaboration of independent Constituent Systems (CSs) to achieve particular missions. CSs are not totally known at design time, and may also leave or join SoS at runtime, which turns the SoS architecture to be inherently dynamic, forming new architectural configurations and impacting the overall system quality attributes (i.e. performance, security and reliability). Therefore, it is vital to model and evaluate the impact of these stochastic architectural changes on SoS properties at abstract level at the early stage in order to analyze and select appropriate architectural design. Architectural description languages (ADL) have been proposed and used to deal with SoS dynamic architectures. However, we still envision gaps to be bridged and challenges to be addressed in the forthcoming years. This paper presents a broad discussion on the state-of-the-art notations to model and analyze SoS dynamic architectures. The main contribution this paper is threefold: (i) providing results of a literature review on the support of available architecture modeling approaches for SoS and an analysis of their semantic extension to support specification of SoS dynamic architectures, and (ii) a corresponding taxonomy for modeling SoS obtained as a result of the literature review. Besides, we also discuss future directions and challenges to be overcome in the forthcoming years.


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