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A tableau methodology for deontic conditional logics

by   Alberto Artosi, et al.

In this paper we present a theorem proving methodology for a restricted but significant fragment of the conditional language made up of (boolean combinations of) conditional statements with unnested antecedents. The method is based on the possible world semantics for conditional logics. The KEM label formalism, designed to account for the semantics of normal modal logics, is easily adapted to the semantics of conditional logics by simply indexing labels with formulas. The inference rules are provided by the propositional system KE+ - a tableau-like analytic proof system devised to be used both as a refutation and a direct method of proof - enlarged with suitable elimination rules for the conditional connective. The theorem proving methodology we are going to present can be viewed as a first step towards developing an appropriate algorithmic framework for several conditional logics for (defeasible) conditional obligation.


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