A Systematic Evaluation of Transfer Learning and Pseudo-labeling with BERT-based Ranking Models

by   Iurii Mokrii, et al.

Due to high annotation costs, making the best use of existing human-created training data is an important research direction. We, therefore, carry out a systematic evaluation of transferability of BERT-based neural ranking models across five English datasets. Previous studies focused primarily on zero-shot and few-shot transfer from a large dataset to a dataset with a small number of queries. In contrast, each of our collections has a substantial number of queries, which enables a full-shot evaluation mode and improves reliability of our results. Furthermore, since source datasets licences often prohibit commercial use, we compare transfer learning to training on pseudo-labels generated by a BM25 scorer. We find that training on pseudo-labels – possibly with subsequent fine-tuning using a modest number of annotated queries – can produce a competitive or better model compared to transfer learning. However, there is a need to improve the stability and/or effectiveness of the few-shot training, which, in some cases, can degrade performance of a pretrained model.


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