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A Survey on Trust Metrics for Autonomous Robotic Systems

by   Vincenzo DiLuoffo, et al.

This paper surveys the area of Trust Metrics related to security for autonomous robotic systems. As the robotics industry undergoes a transformation from programmed, task oriented, systems to Artificial Intelligence-enabled learning, these autonomous systems become vulnerable to several security risks, making a security assessment of these systems of critical importance. Therefore, our focus is on a holistic approach for assessing system trust which requires incorporating system, hardware, software, cognitive robustness, and supplier level trust metrics into a unified model of trust. We set out to determine if there were already trust metrics that defined such a holistic system approach. While there are extensive writings related to various aspects of robotic systems such as, risk management, safety, security assurance and so on, each source only covered subsets of an overall system and did not consistently incorporate the relevant costs in their metrics. This paper attempts to put this prior work into perspective, and to show how it might be extended to develop useful system-level trust metrics for evaluating complex robotic (and other) systems.


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