A Survey on Resource Allocation in Vehicular Networks

by   Md. Noor-A-Rahim, et al.

Vehicular networks, an enabling technology for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), smart cities, and autonomous driving, can deliver numerous on-board data services, e.g., road-safety, easy navigation, traffic efficiency, comfort driving, infotainment, etc. Providing satisfactory quality of service (QoS) in vehicular networks, however, is a challenging task due to a number of limiting factors such as hostile wireless channels (e.g., high mobility or asynchronous transmissions), increasingly fragmented and congested spectrum, hardware imperfections, and explosive growth of vehicular communication devices. Therefore, it is highly desirable to allocate and utilize the available wireless network resources in an ultra-efficient manner. In this paper, we present a comprehensive survey on resource allocation (RA) schemes for a range of vehicular network technologies including dedicated short range communications (DSRC) and cellular based vehicular networks. We discuss the challenges and opportunities for resource allocations in modern vehicular networks and outline a number of promising future research directions.



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