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A Survey on Process Variants Meta-modelling Approaches

by   Lisana Berberi, et al.

This paper introduces the concept of process variants in process-aware information systems (PAIS) during the design-time phase, where multiple variants of a single process must be specified. Today's organizations have to manage multiple variants of a given process, such as multiple order processes or payment processes for a specific product or service they offer. Traditional business process management tools lack in adequately capture and represent explicitly these variants. Hence, for more than a decade an array of approaches have been proposed to tackle this gap. A reference or customizable process model has been introduced to model these variants collections in a way that each variant could be derived by inserting/removing an activity according to a process context. This survey reviews current literature by providing an overview of meta-modelling approaches that have been extended in order to capture the variations of business processes. Moreover, we give a comparative analysis of these approaches based on different criteria we identified from the inventory activity, providing insights into their strengths and limitations. This paper concludes that current approaches to process variants meta-modelling provide a comprehensive view of the conceptual level of process variants and the control-flow process perspective. While some approaches go a step further by capturing variability in resources or specialization among activities/processes.


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