A survey on facial image deblurring

by   Bingnan Wang, et al.

When the facial image is blurred, it has a great impact on high-level vision tasks such as face recognition. The purpose of facial image deblurring is to recover a clear image from a blurry input image, which can improve the recognition accuracy and so on. General deblurring methods can not perform well on facial images. So some face deblurring methods are proposed to improve the performance by adding semantic or structural information as specific priors according to the characteristics of facial images. This paper surveys and summarizes recently published methods for facial image deblurring, most of which are based on deep learning. Firstly, we give a brief introduction to the modeling of image blur. Next, we summarize face deblurring methods into two categories, namely model-based methods and deep learning-based methods. Furthermore, we summarize the datasets, loss functions, and performance evaluation metrics commonly used in the neural network training process. We show the performance of classical methods on these datasets and metrics and give a brief discussion on the differences of model-based and learning-based methods. Finally, we discuss current challenges and possible future research directions.


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