A Survey on Computational Politics

by   Ehsan ul Haq, et al.

Computational Politics is the study of computational methods to analyze and moderate users behaviors related to political activities such as election campaign persuasion, political affiliation, and opinion mining. With the rapid development and ease of access to the Internet, Information Communication Technologies (ICT) have given rise to a massive number of users joining the online communities and to the digitization of analogous data such as political debates. These communities and digitized data contain both explicit and latent information about users and their behaviors related to politics. For researchers, it is essential to utilize data from these sources to develop and design systems that not only provide solutions to computational politics but also help other businesses, such as marketers, to increase the users participation and interaction. In this survey, we attempt to categorize main areas in computational politics and summarize the prominent studies at one place to better understand computational politics across different and multidimensional platforms. e.g., online social networks, online forums, and political debates. We then conclude this study by highlighting future research directions, opportunities, and challenges.



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