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A Survey on Blockchain Technology and Its Potential Applications in Distributed Control and Cooperative Robots

by   Ameer Tamoor Khan, et al.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

As a disruptive technology, blockchain, particularly its original form of bitcoin as a type of digital currency, has attracted great attentions. The innovative distributed decision making and security mechanism lay the technical foundation for its success, making us consider to penetrate the power of blockchain technology to distributed control and cooperative robotics, in which the distributed and secure mechanism is also highly demanded. Actually, security and distributed communication have long been unsolved problems in the field of distributed control and cooperative robotics. It has been reported on the network failure and intruder attacks of distributed control and multi-robotic systems. Blockchain technology provides promise to remedy this situation thoroughly. This work is intended to create a global picture of blockchain technology on its working principle and key elements in the language of control and robotics, to provide a shortcut for beginners to step into this research field.


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