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A Survey on Blockchain Cloud Integration

by   Soumik Sarker, et al.

Blockchain is one of the emerging technologies with the potential to disrupt many application domains. Cloud is an on-demand service paradigm facilitating the availability of shared resources for data storage and computation. In recent years, the integration of blockchain and cloud has received significant attention for ensuring efficiency, transparency, security and even for offering better cloud services in the form of novel service models. In order to exploit the full potential of blockchain-cloud integration, it is essential to have a clear understanding on the existing works within this domain. To facilitate this, there have been several survey papers, however, none of them covers the aspect of blockchain-cloud integration from a service-oriented perspective. This paper aims to fulfil this gap by providing a service oriented review of blockchain-cloud integration. Indeed, in this survey, we explore different service models into which blockchain has been integrated. For each service model, we review the existing works and present a comparative analysis so as to offer a clear and concise view in each category.


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