A Survey on Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Optical Networks

by   Francesco Musumeci, et al.

Today, the amount of data that can be retrieved from communications networks is extremely high and diverse (e.g., data regarding users behavior, traffic traces, network alarms, signal quality indicators, etc.). Advanced mathematical tools are required to extract useful information from this large set of network data. In particular, Machine Learning (ML) is regarded as a promising methodological area to perform network-data analysis and enable, e.g., automatized network self-configuration and fault management. In this survey we classify and describe relevant studies dealing with the applications of ML to optical communications and networking. Optical networks and system are facing an unprecedented growth in terms of complexity due to the introduction of a huge number of adjustable parameters (such as routing configurations, modulation format, symbol rate, coding schemes, etc.), mainly due to the adoption of, among the others, coherent transmission/reception technology, advanced digital signal processing and to the presence of nonlinear effects in optical fiber systems. Although a good number of research papers have appeared in the last years, the application of ML to optical networks is still in its early stage. In this survey we provide an introductory reference for researchers and practitioners interested in this field. To stimulate further work in this area, we conclude the paper proposing new possible research directions.


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