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A Survey of Security Vulnerabilities in Ethereum Smart Contracts

by   Noama Fatima Samreen, et al.

Ethereum Smart Contracts based on Blockchain Technology (BT)enables monetary transactions among peers on a blockchain network independent of a central authorizing agency. Ethereum smart contracts are programs that are deployed as decentralized applications, having the building blocks of the blockchain consensus protocol. This enables consumers to make agreements in a transparent and conflict-free environment. However, there exist some security vulnerabilities within these smart contracts that are a potential threat to the applications and their consumers and have shown in the past to cause huge financial losses. In this study, we review the existing literature and broadly classify the BT applications. As Ethereum smart contracts find their application mostly in e-commerce applications, we believe these are more commonly vulnerable to attacks. In these smart contracts, we mainly focus on identifying vulnerabilities that programmers and users of smart contracts must avoid. This paper aims at explaining eight vulnerabilities that are specific to the application level of BT by analyzing the past exploitation case scenarios of these security vulnerabilities. We also review some of the available tools and applications that detect these vulnerabilities in terms of their approach and effectiveness. We also investigated the availability of detection tools for identifying these security vulnerabilities and lack thereof to identify some of them


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