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A survey of path planning and feedrate interpolation in computer numerical control

by   Hong-yu Ma, et al.

This paper presents a brief survey (in Chinese) on path planning and feedrate interpolation. Numerical control technology is widely employed in the modern manufacturing industry, and related research has been emphasized by academia and industry. The traditional process of numerical control technology is mainly composed of tool path planning and feedrate interpolation. To attain the machining of high speed and precision, several problems in tool path planning and feedrate interpolation are usually transformed into mathematical optimization models. To better undertake the research on the integrated design and optimization idea of tool path planning and feedrate interpolation, it is necessary to systematically review and drawn on the existing representative works. We will introduce the relevant methods and technical progress of tool path planning and feedrate interpolation in CNC machining successively, including tool path planning based on end milling, tool orientation optimization, G-code processing and corner transition, feedrate planning of parameter curves, and some new machining optimization methods proposed recently.


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