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A Survey of Mobile Edge Computing in the Industrial Internet

by   Zhuo Li, et al.

With the advent of a new round of the Industrial Revolution, the Industrial Internet will carry the convergence of heterogeneous network and the dynamic reconfiguration of industrial equipment. In order to further provide higher performance of network capabilities, the Industrial Internet has experienced unprecedented growth while facing enormous challenges from the actual needs of industrial networks. The typical scenarios in industrial applications, combined with the technical advantages of mobile edge computing, are described in view of the low latency, high bandwidth and high reliability demanded by the Industrial Internet in the new era. The key technologies of mobile edge computing for the Industrial Internet have been outlined in this treatise, whose feasibility and importance are demonstrated by typical industrial applications that have been deployed. As combined with the development trend of the Industrial Internet, this paper summarizes the existing work and discusses the future research direction of key technologies of mobile edge computing for the Industrial Internet.


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