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A Survey and Tutorial of EEG-Based Brain Monitoring for Driver State Analysis

by   Ce Zhang, et al.

Drivers cognitive and physiological states affect their ability to control their vehicles. Thus, these driver states are important to the safety of automobiles. The design of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) or autonomous vehicles will depend on their ability to interact effectively with the driver. A deeper understanding of the driver state is, therefore, paramount. EEG is proven to be one of the most effective methods for driver state monitoring and human error detection. This paper discusses EEG-based driver state detection systems and their corresponding analysis algorithms over the last three decades. First, the commonly used EEG system setup for driver state studies is introduced. Then, the EEG signal preprocessing, feature extraction, and classification algorithms for driver state detection are reviewed. Finally, EEG-based driver state monitoring research is reviewed in-depth, and its future development is discussed. It is concluded that the current EEG-based driver state monitoring algorithms are promising for safety applications. However, many improvements are still required in EEG artifact reduction, real-time processing, and between-subject classification accuracy.


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