A Subword Guided Neural Word Segmentation Model for Sindhi

by   Wazir Ali, et al.

Deep neural networks employ multiple processing layers for learning text representations to alleviate the burden of manual feature engineering in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Such text representations are widely used to extract features from unlabeled data. The word segmentation is a fundamental and inevitable prerequisite for many languages. Sindhi is an under-resourced language, whose segmentation is challenging as it exhibits space omission, space insertion issues, and lacks the labeled corpus for segmentation. In this paper, we investigate supervised Sindhi Word Segmentation (SWS) using unlabeled data with a Subword Guided Neural Word Segmenter (SGNWS) for Sindhi. In order to learn text representations, we incorporate subword representations to recurrent neural architecture to capture word information at morphemic-level, which takes advantage of Bidirectional Long-Short Term Memory (BiLSTM), self-attention mechanism, and Conditional Random Field (CRF). Our proposed SGNWS model achieves an F1 value of 98.51 engineering. The empirical results demonstrate the benefits of the proposed model over the existing Sindhi word segmenters.



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