A Study on the Intersection of GPU Utilization and CNN Inference

by   Jack Kosaian, et al.

There has been significant progress in developing neural network architectures that both achieve high predictive performance and that also achieve high application-level inference throughput (e.g., frames per second). Another metric of increasing importance is GPU utilization during inference: the measurement of how well a deployed neural network uses the computational capabilities of the GPU on which it runs. Achieving high GPU utilization is critical to increasing application-level throughput and ensuring a good return on investment for deploying GPUs. This paper analyzes the GPU utilization of convolutional neural network (CNN) inference. We first survey the GPU utilization of CNNs to show that there is room to improve the GPU utilization of many of these CNNs. We then investigate the GPU utilization of networks within a neural architecture search (NAS) search space, and explore how using GPU utilization as a metric could potentially be used to accelerate NAS itself. Our study makes the case that there is room to improve the inference-time GPU utilization of CNNs and that knowledge of GPU utilization has the potential to benefit even applications that do not target utilization itself. We hope that the results of this study will spur future innovation in designing GPU-efficient neural networks.


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