A Study on Artificial Intelligence IQ and Standard Intelligent Model

by   Feng Liu, et al.

Currently, potential threats of artificial intelligence (AI) to human have triggered a large controversy in society, behind which, the nature of the issue is whether the artificial intelligence (AI) system can be evaluated quantitatively. This article analyzes and evaluates the challenges that the AI development level is facing, and proposes that the evaluation methods for the human intelligence test and the AI system are not uniform; and the key reason for which is that none of the models can uniformly describe the AI system and the beings like human. Aiming at this problem, a standard intelligent system model is established in this study to describe the AI system and the beings like human uniformly. Based on the model, the article makes an abstract mathematical description, and builds the standard intelligent machine mathematical model; expands the Von Neumann architecture and proposes the Liufeng - Shiyong architecture; gives the definition of the artificial intelligence IQ, and establishes the artificial intelligence scale and the evaluation method; conduct the test on 50 search engines and three human subjects at different ages across the world, and finally obtains the ranking of the absolute IQ and deviation IQ ranking for artificial intelligence IQ 2014.


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