A Study of Local Binary Pattern Method for Facial Expression Detection

02/04/2014 ∙ by Ms. Drashti H. Bhatt, et al. ∙ 0

Face detection is a basic task for expression recognition. The reliability of face detection & face recognition approach has a major role on the performance and usability of the entire system. There are several ways to undergo face detection & recognition. We can use Image Processing Operations, various classifiers, filters or virtual machines for the former. Various strategies are being available for Facial Expression Detection. The field of facial expression detection can have various applications along with its importance & can be interacted between human being & computer. Many few options are available to identify a face in an image in accurate & efficient manner. Local Binary Pattern (LBP) based texture algorithms have gained popularity in these years. LBP is an effective approach to have facial expression recognition & is a feature-based approach.



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