A Study of Efficient Energy Management Techniques for Cloud Computing Environment

by   Syed Arshad Ali, et al.

The overall performance of the development of computing systems has been engrossed on enhancing demand from the client and enterprise domains. but, the intake of ever-increasing energy for computing systems has commenced to bound in increasing overall performance due to heavy electric payments and carbon dioxide emission. The growth in power consumption of server is increased continuously, and many researchers proposed, if this pattern repeats continuously, then the power consumption cost of a server over its lifespan would be higher than its hardware prices. The power intake troubles more for clusters, grids, and clouds, which encompass numerous thousand heterogeneous servers. Continuous efforts have been done to reduce the electricity intake of these massive-scale infrastructures. To identify the challenges and required future enhancements in the field of efficient energy consumption in Cloud Computing, it is necessary to synthesize and categorize the research and development done so far. In this paper, the authors discuss the reasons and problems associated with huge energy consumption by Cloud data centres and prepare a taxonomy of huge energy consumption problems and its related solutions. The authors cover all aspects of energy consumption by Cloud data centers and analyze many research papers to find the better solution for efficient energy consumption. This work gives an overall information regarding energy-consumption problems of Cloud data centres and energy-efficient solutions for this problem. The paper is concluded with a conversation of future enhancement and development in energy-efficient methods in Cloud Computing



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