A Study of Autoregressive Decoders for Multi-Tasking in Computer Vision

by   Lucas Beyer, et al.

There has been a recent explosion of computer vision models which perform many tasks and are composed of an image encoder (usually a ViT) and an autoregressive decoder (usually a Transformer). However, most of this work simply presents one system and its results, leaving many questions regarding design decisions and trade-offs of such systems unanswered. In this work, we aim to provide such answers. We take a close look at autoregressive decoders for multi-task learning in multimodal computer vision, including classification, captioning, visual question answering, and optical character recognition. Through extensive systematic experiments, we study the effects of task and data mixture, training and regularization hyperparameters, conditioning type and specificity, modality combination, and more. Importantly, we compare these to well-tuned single-task baselines to highlight the cost incurred by multi-tasking. A key finding is that a small decoder learned on top of a frozen pretrained encoder works surprisingly well. We call this setup locked-image tuning with decoder (LiT-decoder). It can be seen as teaching a decoder to interact with a pretrained vision model via natural language.


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