A Stock Options Metaphor for Content Delivery Networks

by   Elias Vathias, et al.

The concept of Stock Options is used to address the scarcity of resources, not adequately addressed by the previous tools of our Prediction Mechanism. Using a Predictive Reservation Scheme, network and disk resources are being monitored through well-established techniques (Kernel Regression Estimators) in a given time frame. Next, an Secondary Market mechanism significantly improves the efficiency and robustness of our Predictive Reservation Scheme by allowing the fast exchange of unused (remaining) resources between the Origin Servers (CDN Clients). This exchange can happen, either by implementing socially optimal practices or by allowing automatic electronic auctions at the end of the day or at shorter time intervals. Finally, we further enhance our Prediction Mechanism; Stock Options are obtained and exercised, depending on the lack of resources at the end of day. As a result, Origin Servers may acquire resources (if required) at a normal price. The effectiveness of our mechanism further improves.


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