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A Steklov-spectral approach for solutions of Dirichlet and Robin boundary value problems

by   Kthim Imeri, et al.
Simon Fraser University

In this paper we revisit an approach pioneered by Auchmuty to approximate solutions of the Laplace- Robin boundary value problem. We demonstrate the efficacy of this approach on a large class of non-tensorial domains, in contrast with other spectral approaches for such problems. We establish a spectral approximation theorem showing an exponential fast numerical evaluation with regards to the number of Steklov eigenfunctions used, for smooth domains and smooth boundary data. A polynomial fast numerical evaluation is observed for either non-smooth domains or non-smooth boundary data. We additionally prove a new result on the regularity of the Steklov eigenfunctions, depending on the regularity of the domain boundary. We describe three numerical methods to compute Steklov eigenfunctions.


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