A state-of-knowledge review on the Endurance Time Method

by   Homayoon E. Estekanchi, et al.

Endurance time method is a time history dynamic analysis in which structures are subjected to predesigned intensifying excitations. This method provides a tool for response prediction that correlates structural responses to the intensity of earthquakes with a considerably less computational demand as compared to conventional time history analysis. The endurance time method is being used in different areas of earthquake engineering such as performance-based assessment and design, life-cycle cost-based design, value-based design, seismic safety, seismic assessment, and multicomponent seismic analysis. Successful implementation of the endurance time method heavily relies on the quality of endurance time excitations. In this paper, a review of the endurance time method from conceptual development to its practical applications is provided. Different types of endurance time excitations are explained. Features related to the existing endurance time excitations are also presented. Particular attention was given to different applications of the endurance time method in the field of earthquake engineering.



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