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A Spectral Method for Activity Shaping in Continuous-Time Information Cascades

by   Kevin Scaman, et al.
ETH Zurich

Information Cascades Model captures dynamical properties of user activity in a social network. In this work, we develop a novel framework for activity shaping under the Continuous-Time Information Cascades Model which allows the administrator for local control actions by allocating targeted resources that can alter the spread of the process. Our framework employs the optimization of the spectral radius of the Hazard matrix, a quantity that has been shown to drive the maximum influence in a network, while enjoying a simple convex relaxation when used to minimize the influence of the cascade. In addition, use-cases such as quarantine and node immunization are discussed to highlight the generality of the proposed activity shaping framework. Finally, we present the NetShape influence minimization method which is compared favorably to baseline and state-of-the-art approaches through simulations on real social networks.


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