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A Single Multi-Task Deep Neural Network with Post-Processing for Object Detection with Reasoning and Robotic Grasp Detection

by   Dongwon Park, et al.

Recently, robotic grasp detection (GD) and object detection (OD) with reasoning have been investigated using deep neural networks (DNNs). There have been works to combine these multi-tasks using separate networks so that robots can deal with situations of grasping specific target objects in the cluttered, stacked, complex piles of novel objects from a single RGB-D camera. We propose a single multi-task DNN that yields the information on GD, OD and relationship reasoning among objects with a simple post-processing. Our proposed methods yielded state-of-the-art performance with the accuracy of 98.6 the computation speed of 33 and 62 frame per second on VMRD and Cornell datasets, respectively. Our methods also yielded 95.3 single novel object grasping with a 4-axis robot arm and 86.7 rate in cluttered novel objects with a Baxter robot.


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