A Single Frame and Multi-Frame Joint Network for 360-degree Panorama Video Super-Resolution

by   Hongying Liu, et al.

Spherical videos, also known as 360 (panorama) videos, can be viewed with various virtual reality devices such as computers and head-mounted displays. They attract large amount of interest since awesome immersion can be experienced when watching spherical videos. However, capturing, storing and transmitting high-resolution spherical videos are extremely expensive. In this paper, we propose a novel single frame and multi-frame joint network (SMFN) for recovering high-resolution spherical videos from low-resolution inputs. To take advantage of pixel-level inter-frame consistency, deformable convolutions are used to eliminate the motion difference between feature maps of the target frame and its neighboring frames. A mixed attention mechanism is devised to enhance the feature representation capability. The dual learning strategy is exerted to constrain the space of solution so that a better solution can be found. A novel loss function based on the weighted mean square error is proposed to emphasize on the super-resolution of the equatorial regions. This is the first attempt to settle the super-resolution of spherical videos, and we collect a novel dataset from the Internet, MiG Panorama Video, which includes 204 videos. Experimental results on 4 representative video clips demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed method. The dataset and code are available at https://github.com/lovepiano/SMFN_For_360VSR.



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