A Simultaneous Denoising and Dereverberation Framework with Target Decoupling

06/24/2021 ∙ by Andong Li, et al. ∙ 0

Background noise and room reverberation are regarded as two major factors to degrade the subjective speech quality. In this paper, we propose an integrated framework to address simultaneous denoising and dereverberation under complicated scenario environments. It adopts a chain optimization strategy and designs four sub-stages accordingly. In the first two stages, we decouple the multi-task learning w.r.t. complex spectrum into magnitude and phase, and only implement noise and reverberation removal in the magnitude domain. Based on the estimated priors above, we further polish the spectrum in the third stage, where both magnitude and phase information are explicitly repaired with the residual learning. Due to the data mismatch and nonlinear effect of DNNs, the residual noise often exists in the DNN-processed spectrum. To resolve the problem, we adopt a light-weight algorithm as the post-processing module to capture and suppress the residual noise in the non-active regions. In the Interspeech 2021 Deep Noise Suppression (DNS) Challenge, our submitted system ranked top-1 for the real-time track in terms of Mean Opinion Score (MOS) with ITU-T P.835 framework



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