A Short Virtual Reality Mindfulness Meditation Training For Regaining Sustained Attention

by   Minkesh Asati, et al.

The ability to focus one's attention underlies success in many everyday tasks, but voluntary attention cannot be sustained for a long period of time. Several studies indicate that attention training using computer-based exercises can lead to improved attention in children and adults. a major goal of recent research is to create a short (10 minutes) and effective VR Mindfulness meditation particularly designed for regaining or improving sustained attention. In this study, we have created a custom virtually relaxing environment including an archery game with multiple targets. In the experiment, the attention span of 12 adults are tested before and after the virtual reality session by a non-action video game ([19]) score and Muse headband EEG-signals. After the 10-minute virtual reality session participants' game scores increased (according to game experience): for the beginner by 275 107 by 250 experiment, all participants reported feeling recharged to continue their daily activities.



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