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A Set-Theoretic Framework for Parallel Graph Rewriting

by   Thierry Boy de la Tour, et al.

We tackle the problem of attributed graph transformations and propose a new algorithmic approach for defining parallel graph transformations allowing overlaps. We start by introducing some abstract operations over graph structures. Then, we define the notion of rewrite rules as three inclusions of the form L ⊇ K ⊇ M ⊆ R. We provide six conditions that parallel graph rewrite relations should ideally satisfy, which lead us to define two distinct full parallel graph rewrite relations. A central notion of regularity of matchings is proved to be equivalent to these six conditions, and to the equality of these two relations. Furthermore, we take advantage of the symmetries that may occur in L, K, M and R and define another pair of rewrite relations that factor out possibly many equivalent matchings up to their common symmetries. These definitions and the corresponding proofs combine operations on graphs with group-theoretic notions, thus illustrating the relevance of our framework.


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