A Set-Theoretic Approach to Multi-Task Execution and Prioritization

by   Gennaro Notomista, et al.

Executing multiple tasks concurrently is important in many robotic applications. Moreover, the prioritization of tasks is essential in applications where safety-critical tasks need to precede application-related objectives, in order to protect both the robot from its surroundings and vice versa. Furthermore, the possibility of switching the priority of tasks during their execution gives the robotic system the flexibility of changing its objectives over time. In this paper, we present an optimization-based task execution and prioritization framework that lends itself to the case of time-varying priorities as well as variable number of tasks. We introduce the concept of extended set-based tasks, encode them using control barrier functions, and execute them by means of a constrained-optimization problem, which can be efficiently solved in an online fashion. Finally, we show the application of the proposed approach to the case of a redundant robotic manipulator.



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