A selectively reduced degree basis for efficient mixed nonlinear isogeometric beam formulations with extensible directors

by   Myung Jin Choi, et al.

The effect of higher order continuity in the solution field by using NURBS basis function in isogeometric analysis (IGA) is investigated for an efficient mixed finite element formulation for elastostatic beams. It is based on the Hu-Washizu variational principle considering geometrical and material nonlinearities. Here we present a reduced degree of basis functions for the additional fields of the stress resultants and strains of the beam, which are allowed to be discontinuous across elements. This approach turns out to significantly improve the computational efficiency and the accuracy of the results. We consider a beam formulation with extensible directors, where cross-sectional strains are enriched to avoid Poisson locking by an enhanced assumed strain method. In numerical examples, we show the superior per degree-of-freedom accuracy of IGA over conventional finite element analysis, due to the higher order continuity in the displacement field. We further verify the efficient rotational coupling between beams, as well as the path-independence of the results.


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