A segmentation-free isogeometric extended mortar contact method

by   Thang Xuan Duong, et al.

This paper presents a new isogeometric mortar contact formulation based on an extended finite element interpolation to capture physical pressure discontinuities at the contact boundary. The so called two-half-pass algorithm is employed, which leads to an unbiased formulation and, when applied to the mortar setting, has the additional advantage that the mortar coupling term is no longer present in the contact forces. As a result, the computationally expensive segmentation at overlapping master-slave element boundaries, usually required in mortar methods (although often simplified with loss of accuracy), is not needed from the outset. For the numerical integration of general contact problems, the so-called refined boundary quadrature is employed, which is based on adaptive partitioning of contact elements along the contact boundary. The contact patch test is examined and compared for various contact formulations. It turns out that the classical penalty mortar formulation does not pass the patch test, whereas the proposed formulation passes the test without segmentation and refined boundary quadrature. Several numerical examples are presented to demonstrate the robustness and accuracy of the proposed formulation.


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