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A second-order accurate semi-Lagrangian method for convection-diffusion equations with interfacial jumps

by   Hyuntae Cho, et al.

In this paper, we present a second-order accurate finite-difference method for solving convectiondiffusion equations with interfacial jumps on a moving interface. The proposed method is constructed under a semi-Lagrangian framework for convection-diffusion equations; a novel interpolation scheme is developed in the presence of jump conditions. Combined with a second-order ghost fluid method [3], a sharp capturing method with a first-order local truncation error near the interface and second-order truncation error away from the interface is developed for the convectiondiffusion equation. In addition, a level-set advection algorithm is presented when the velocity gradient jumps across the interface. Numerical experiments support the conclusion that the proposed methods for convection-diffusion equations and level-set advection are necessary for the second-order convergence solution and the interface position.


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