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A Rule-based Operational Semantics of Graph Query Languages

by   Dominique Duval, et al.
Université Grenoble Alpes

We consider a core language of graph queries. These queries are seen as formulas to be solved with respect to graph-oriented databases. For this purpose, we first define a graph query algebra where some operations over graphs and sets of graph homomorphisms are specified. Then, the notion of pattern is introduced to represent a kind of recursively defined formula over graphs. The syntax and formal semantics of patterns are provided. Afterwards, we propose a new sound and complete calculus to solve patterns. This calculus, which is based on a rewriting system, develops only one derivation per pattern to be solved. Our calculus is generic in the sense that it can be adapted to different kinds of graph databases provided that the notions of graph and graph homomorphism (match) are well defined.


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