A Route to School Informational Intervention for Air Pollution Exposure Reduction

by   Shiraz Ahmed, et al.

Walking and cycling are promoted to encourage sustainable travel behavior among children and adults. School children during their travel episode to-and-from school are disproportionately exposed to air pollution due to multiple reasons such as proximity to high traffic roads and peak volumes. This paper presents a route to school informational intervention that was developed incorporating approaches and methods suggested in the literature for effective behavioral interventions. The intervention was implemented using escorting parents/guardians (N=104) of school children of Antwerp, Belgium to adopt school routes with least exposure to pollutants. Collected data and its analysis revealed that 60 adopting the suggested cleanest routes to school, of whom a significant proportion of participants (i.e. 34 concentration between the alternative and current route of around 10μg/m3. This information about alternatives routes with their potential benefits was presented to each participant via defined study protocols. 18 Based on the feedback of participants that could potentially adopt suggested alternatives, 77 intervention was effective, and it can bring higher benefits when implemented on a wider scale.


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