A Rolling Blockchain for a Dynamic WSNs in a Smart City

by   Sergii Kushch, et al.

Blockchain is one of the most popular topics for discussion now. However, most experts still see this technology as only part of Bitcoin, other crypto-currencies or money transfer systems. Often, new solutions, proposed by young researchers, are blocked by reviewers, only because these solutions can not be used for Bitcoins. However, Blockchain technology is more universal and can be used also in other areas, for example, in IoT, WSN and mobile devices. This paper considers the implementation of Blockchain technology in sensor networks as an element of IoT. The concept of "Rolling Blockchain" was proposed, which can be used to build WSN with the participation of Smart Cars, as nodes of the network. The order of block formation and structure in the chain is proposed and a mathematical model is created for it. We estimate the optimal number of WSN nodes, the number of connections between nodes, for specified network reliability values, was performed.



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