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A Robust Hierarchical Graph Convolutional Network Model for Collaborative Filtering

by   Shaowen Peng, et al.

Graph Convolutional Network (GCN) has achieved great success and has been applied in various fields including recommender systems. However, GCN still suffers from many issues such as training difficulties, over-smoothing, vulnerable to adversarial attacks, etc. Distinct from current GCN-based methods which simply employ GCN for recommendation, in this paper we are committed to build a robust GCN model for collaborative filtering. Firstly, we argue that recursively incorporating messages from different order neighborhood mixes distinct node messages indistinguishably, which increases the training difficulty; instead we choose to separately aggregate different order neighbor messages with a simple GCN model which has been shown effective; then we accumulate them together in a hierarchical way without introducing additional model parameters. Secondly, we propose a solution to alleviate over-smoothing by randomly dropping out neighbor messages at each layer, which also well prevents over-fitting and enhances the robustness. Extensive experiments on three real-world datasets demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of our model.


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