A Review of Sensing and Communication, Human Factors, and Controller Aspects for Information-Aware Connected and Automated Vehicles

by   Ankur Sarker, et al.

Information-aware connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) have drawn great attention in recent years due to its potentially significant positive impacts on roadway safety and operational efficiency. In this paper, we conduct an in-depth review of three basic and key interrelated aspects of a CAV: sensing and communication technologies, human factors, and information-aware controller design. First, different vehicular sensing and communication technologies and their protocol stacks, to provide reliable information to the information-aware CAV controller, are thoroughly discussed. Diverse human factor issues, such as user comfort, preferences, and reliability, to design the CAV systems for mass adaptation are also discussed. Then, different layers of a CAV controller (route planning, driving mode execution, and driving model selection) considering human factors and information through connectivity are reviewed. In addition, critical challenges for the sensing and communication technologies, human factors, and information-aware controller are identified to support the design of a safe and efficient CAV system while considering user acceptance and comfort. Finally, promising future research directions of these three aspects are discussed to overcome existing challenges to realize a safe and operationally efficient CAV.


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