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A Resource Pooling Switch Architecture with High Performance Scheduler

by   Jiong Du, et al.

With the rapid development of network-based services and applications, current data plane solutions of network node, which focus on packets forwarding traditionally, are not optimally addressing new requirements such as function flexibility, performance expansibility and resource utilization, etc. In this paper, we propose a novel data plane structure called Resource Pooling Switch Architecture (RPSA), which utilizes global shared resource pool to provide different processing functionalities and capacities to different packets/flows. As all network functions are instantiated by the resources connected to the switching fabric and constructed in the form of Service Function Chains (SFC), the traffic patterns changed a lot. We design Balanced Service Capacity based FIRM algorithm (BSC-FIRM) to overcome the deficiencies of classical scheduler in RPSA. Simulation results show that our algorithm outperforms on the aspect of packet switching delay and loss rate compared with FIRM and iSLIP algorithm.


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