A Reliable IoT-Based Embedded Health Care System for Diabetic Patients

by   Zeyad A. Al-Odat, et al.

This paper introduces a reliable health care system for diabetic patients based on the Internet of Things technology. A diabetic health care system with a hardware implementation is presented. The proposed work employs Alaris 8100 infusion pump, Keil LPC-1768 board, and IoT-cloud to monitor the diabetic patients. The security of diabetic data over the cloud and the communication channel between health care system components are considered as part of the main contributions of this work. Moreover, an easy way to control and monitor the diabetic insulin pump is implemented. The records are stored in the cloud using the Keil board that is connected to the infusion pump. The reliability of the proposed scheme is accomplished by testing the system for five performance characteristics (availability, confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and authorization). The Kiel board is embedded with Ethernet port and Cortex-M3 micro-controller that controls the insulin infusion pump. The secure hash algorithm and secure socket shell are employed to achieve the reliability components of the proposed scheme. The results show that the proposed design is reliable, secure and authentic according to different test experiments and a case study of the Markov model. Moreover, a 99.3% availability probability has been achieved after analyzing the case study.



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