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A Recent Survey on the Applications of Genetic Programming in Image Processing

by   Asifullah Khan, et al.

During the last two decades, Genetic Programming (GP) has been largely used to tackle optimization, classification, and automatic features selection related tasks. The widespread use of GP is mainly due to its flexible and comprehensible tree-type structure. Similarly, research is also gaining momentum in the field of Image Processing (IP) because of its promising results over wide areas of applications ranging from medical IP to multispectral imaging. IP is mainly involved in applications such as computer vision, pattern recognition, image compression, storage and transmission, and medical diagnostics. This prevailing nature of images and their associated algorithm i.e complexities gave an impetus to the exploration of GP. GP has thus been used in different ways for IP since its inception. Many interesting GP techniques have been developed and employed in the field of IP. To give the research community an extensive view of these techniques, this paper presents the diverse applications of GP in IP and provides useful resources for further research. Also, comparison of different parameters used in ten different applications of IP are summarized in tabular form. Moreover, analysis of different parameters used in IP related tasks is carried-out to save the time needed in future for evaluating the parameters of GP. As more advancement is made in GP methodologies, its success in solving complex tasks not only related to IP but also in other fields will increase. Additionally, guidelines are provided for applying GP in IP related tasks, pros and cons of GP techniques are discussed, and some future directions are also set.


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