A real-time warning system for rear-end collision based on random forest classifier

03/29/2018 ∙ by Fateme Teimouri, et al. ∙ 0

Rear-end collision warning system has a great role to enhance the driving safety. In this system some measures are used to estimate the dangers and the system warns drivers to be more cautious. The real-time processes should be executed in such system, to remain enough time and distance to avoid collision with the front vehicle. To this end, in this paper a new system is developed by using random forest classifier. To evaluate the performance of the proposed system, vehicles trajectory data of 100 car's database from Virginia tech transportation institute are used and the methods are compared based on their accuracy and their processing time. By using TOPSIS multi-criteria selection method, we show that the results of the implemented classifier is better than the results of different classifiers including Bayesian network, naive Bayes, MLP neural network, support vector machine, nearest neighbor, rule-based methods and decision tree. The presented experiments reveals that the random forest is an acceptable algorithm for the proposed driver assistant system with 88.4 situations.



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