A Range Matching CAM for Hierarchical Defect Tolerance Technique in NRAM Structures

by   Hossein Pourmeidani, et al.

Due to the small size of nanoscale devices, they are highly prone to process disturbances which results in manufacturing defects. Some of the defects are randomly distributed throughout the nanodevice layer. Other disturbances tend to be local and lead to cluster defects caused by factors such as layer misintegration and line width variations. In this paper, we propose a method for identifying cluster defects from random ones. The motivation is to repair the cluster defects using rectangular ranges in a range matching content-addressable memory (RM-CAM) and random defects using triple-modular redundancy (TMR). It is believed a combination of these two approaches is more effective for repairing defects at high error rate with less resource. With the proposed fault repairing technique, defect recovery results are examined for different fault distribution scenarios. Also the mapping circuit structure required for two conceptual 32*32 and 64*64 bit RAMs are presented and their speed, power and transistor count are reported.



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