A Quick Review on Recent Trends in 3D Point Cloud Data Compression Techniques and the Challenges of Direct Processing in 3D Compressed Domain

by   Mohammed Javed, et al.

Automatic processing of 3D Point Cloud data for object detection, tracking and segmentation is the latest trending research in the field of AI and Data Science, which is specifically aimed at solving different challenges of autonomous driving cars and getting real time performance. However, the amount of data that is being produced in the form of 3D point cloud (with LiDAR) is very huge, due to which the researchers are now on the way inventing new data compression algorithms to handle huge volumes of data thus generated. However, compression on one hand has an advantage in overcoming space requirements, but on the other hand, its processing gets expensive due to the decompression, which indents additional computing resources. Therefore, it would be novel to think of developing algorithms that can operate/analyse directly with the compressed data without involving the stages of decompression and recompression (required as many times, the compressed data needs to be operated or analyzed). This research field is termed as Compressed Domain Processing. In this paper, we will quickly review few of the recent state-of-the-art developments in the area of LiDAR generated 3D point cloud data compression, and highlight the future challenges of compressed domain processing of 3D point cloud data.



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