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A Publish/Subscribe QoS-aware Framework for Massive IoT Traffic Orchestration

by   Pedro Moraes, et al.
Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia da Bahia

Internet of Things (IoT) application deployment requires the allocation of resources such as virtual machines, storage, and network elements that must be deployed over distinct infrastructures such as cloud computing, Cloud of Things (CoT), datacenters and backbone networks. For massive IoT data acquisition, a gateway-based data aggregation approach is commonly used featuring sensor/ actuator seamless access and providing cache/ buffering and preprocessing functionality. In this perspective , gateways acting as producers need to allocate network resources to send IoT data to consumers. In this paper, it is proposed a Publish/-Subscribe (PubSub) quality of service (QoS) aware framework (PSIoT-Orch) that orchestrates IoT traffic and allocates network resources between aggregates and consumers for massive IoT traffic. PSIoT-Orch schedules IoT data flows based on its configured QoS requirements. Additionally , the framework allocates network resources (LSP/ bandwidth) over a controlled backbone network with limited and constrained resources between IoT data users and consumers. Network resources are allocated using a Bandwidth Allocation Model (BAM) to achieve efficient network resource allocation for scheduled IoT data streams. PSIoT-Orch adopts an ICN (Information-Centric Network) PubSub architecture approach to handle IoT data transfers requests among framework components. The proposed framework aims at gathering the inherent advantages of an ICN-centric approach using a PubSub message scheme while allocating resources efficiently keeping QoS awareness and handling restricted network resources (bandwidth) for massive IoT traffic.


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